How To Use And Maintain Solar Lights

The first thing that comes to our mind when we mention solar lights is zero electricity cost and budget-saving. But think again if there is a performance degradation after a few days because of improper use and maintenance, will it still save your money? No, on the contrary, It's a waste of money! Therefore, the key point and necessary task for saving money is good care and maintenance of your solar lights. Due to the big advantage of wire-free installation, it will not take you much time and effort. Just follow the tips below, make sure your solar lights run at peak performance all the time.

About Installation

Place the solar lightunder direct sunlight for 1-2 days of solar charging before the first use, ensuring sufficient power to provide super lighting performance.

Install the solar light where there is no backlight, shelter and other light sources. Facing the sun directly is helpful for maximizing the conversion rate of solar light.

The recommended installation height is 2-3m/6.5-9.8ft. Please keep a distance of more than 2M/6.5ft between each other when installing multiple solar lights. Make sure the motion is within the 120 °induction Angle微信图片_20210324143635.png

Solar Panel Cleaning

Since solar light is constructed with a solar panel that absorbs sunlight for charging, the solar panel is definitely a key part of the whole system. However, due to the long-time exposure outside, it is easy to be obstructed by dust and dirt collecting on the surface, and thus result in sunlight absorption hindered and performance degraded. Solar panel cleaning becomes quite necessary.

Considering solar panel does get hot in direct sunlight, it is better to clean it on a relatively cool day, either earlier in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Wash off any loose dirt and dust with your garden hose, and then use soft cloth or sponge applying with mild soapy water to wipe the surface of the solar panel (Do not use detergent or other cleaning products). Once finished, use a clean dry cloth to remove any remaining soap or water on the solar panel.

Basically, clean the solar panel once a month. If you live in the area with serious dust, cleaning can be more frequent.

Fallen leaves in autumn and accumulated snow tend to cover the solar panel and result in less solar conversion and shortened lighting time at night. It is necessary to clean up the buildup on the surface of the solar panel in time.

The charging efficiency on rainy and cloudy days is not as good as on sunny days. It is suggested to recharge the solar light for 1-2 days after the sun comes out, absorbing sufficient power to ensure it runs back to peak performance.

Regularly trim the branches around the solar panel to avoid sunlight blocking.

Light Cover Maintenance

The light cover plays a role in protecting the solar lights from the outdoor environment. With long-time exposure outdoor, it may become cloudy and result in reducing the amount of illumination at night. That is also the reason why your solar light is not as bright as before. What you need to do is wiping the light cover with soft cloth or sponge and mild soapy water to remove the dust or soil on the surface, ensuring the light cover back to clear, and say goodbye to reduced brightness because of light blocking.

Other Maintenance Tips

Excellent waterproof performance is essential for outdoor solar lights, and of which the key point is to maintain the sealing of overall structure. Then, what we should do?

Ensure its firmness and avoid it falling down from high when installing the solar light

Regularly inspect the fixture of solar light for damage

Do not disassemble the back-battery case during use if possible.

Proper use and regular maintenance are the real way to save budget. Doing a good job of the above maintenance does reduce the possibility of solar courtyard light failure, and extend the service life very well. What’s more important, it is easy and needs zero maintenance fees.

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